Why You Need to be a Leader

I have been on an entrepreneurial journey for many years now and know what it takes to be successful. One very important observation I’ve made is that entrepreneurs who wish to succeed cannot be victims. Entrepreneurship is all about taking initiative, forcing change and growth from within, continually making improvements; being innovative, inspiring and being that pillar of strength in both the good times and the bad.

Entrepreneurship is about accepting the good with the bad; knowing that for every positive, there is also a negative; that this is how the world works in balance. It’s about knowing how to get through the difficult times and remain positive while having confidence and faith that there are great things to come.

As an entrepreneur, you have to be a leader because leaders are the people who see a complex problem and figure out a way to individually or collectively solve it. These are the people who build successful businesses, become high level executives and start their own companies. These are the people who can turn a life or business adversity into the best thing that ever happened to them.

Victims on the other hand, look at problems and instantly blame everyone else when they can’t solve them. They are the finger-pointers and the excuse-makers or those who plunge into deep personal sympathy when external factors impact their lives. They can never admit to making mistakes or being wrong. In both the workforce and in personal circles, I’ve seen first-hand how victims can bring down other people and cause widespread damage (even to themselves).

In this pressure cooker world of entrepreneurship, where you can experience high highs and equally low lows, blaming others and feeling sorry for yourself never leads anywhere worthwhile. It’s impossible to build anything with a victim mentality. One of the most important skills you can master is the ability to stay level headed, positive and resourceful during the easy and challenging times. This ability increases the likelihood of long term success.

So if you want success in business and in life, be a leader. Take full accountability for yourself including your decisions, mistakes and failures. You are the only one who can create your own destiny.

The Entrepreneurial Journey admin is a team of degree-qualified writers with special knowledge in entrepreneurship, business motivation and business education.