What to Do When Jobs Are Virtually Unattainable

Have you noticed how difficult it is to get, and keep, a job lately? People with extensive experience and various qualifications are being made redundant; unable to gain employment in their field or forced to take dramatic pay cuts just to have a job. The world is rapidly changing, and the easy go-to-option of getting a job, isn’t so easy any more.

Perhaps this is you, or someone you know… but the reality is that this situation affects us all. Technological innovation, a global workforce and intense competition for jobs are making job attainment a very hard road, with the odds stacked heavily against you. There are many areas of skilled employment actually becoming extinct!

While we are unable to change this global phenomenon, we can adapt and find an alternative way to survive and thrive. As crazy as it might sound, starting up a business and becoming self-reliant as an entrepreneur, is actually more reliable and likely to sustain your survival than going out and “getting a job”. It means that you are taking control of your life and empowering yourself; rather than spending all your time chasing jobs and attending interviews; only to get frustrated, despondent and exhausted as you jump through hoops to please prospective employers who can take you, but more likely, leave you. It is possible to escape the need for a job by building your own online businesses and as a result, you can live life on your terms, in a healthy, balanced and fun way, and without needing a workplace environment. It is very possible to become self-reliant. It isn’t rocket science; but you need to know where to start and what to do.

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