The End of an Era

In between tasks the other day, an email landed in my inbox and jumped out at me from the page…

It was titled ‘Allan’s Retirement’.

Allan is my uncle (my maternal aunt’s husband and my father’s best friend), and this email was announcing his retirement after an incredible career spanning 68 years.

Lots of people retire; but this was no ordinary retirement acknowledgment. As I moved the cursor to click on the email, I couldn’t help but feel a mixture of emotions – and curiosity – as I was compelled to read more to learn of my uncle’s plans.

You see, my uncle Allan is not only retiring from his career, which has included Myer SA, Myer QLD, Golden Press Publications and his own family’s menswear business where it all began; he is also stepping down from South Australia’s longest-known and much loved baby store, YCN, that he himself built, nurtured and nourished over nearly four decades. SA’s premiere baby shop is officially closing its doors in November 2017 after 35 years of exemplary service in South Australia.

I, like many South Australians, grew up seeing YCN ads on television; the jingle being so contagious and familiar that it stuck in my head and had me humming, whistling or singing it quite regularly. Even in adulthood after returning to Adelaide, both my husband and son have been able to see YCN on television again with its catchy jingle; associating this great SA business with one of our own kin.

So it is with happiness, pride, nostalgia and sadness that I receive this news and reflect on an entire lifetime of seeing YCN’s impact on SA.

My uncle’s retirement isn’t just the end of an era for South Australia and YCN; it also marks the end of successful business dynasty for both him and his wife (my aunt) Roslyn; who prior to her retirement, was the founder and CEO of Adelaide’s iconic retail book chain, SA Bookplace.

As YCN celebrates its 35th birthday with 25% off all its products, I acknowledge and reflect on the incredible contribution my uncle and aunt have made to SA and its people over the past four decades. I’m grateful to have watched the journey from a young age. Thank you Allan and Roslyn Steffensen for making us proud.

NB: The video included is the most recent YCN TV commercial and the lady starring in it is one of my cousins, Monique. YCN’s 35th birthday sale is running now! If you’re in SA and want to snap up some good baby buys, visit the shop at 236 Grote Street, Adelaide.

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