Sarah Taylor: Colour Champion, Geometric Stylist and Paintsplash Hero

Call her inspirational for doing what she loves the most in the world and earning a living from it.  Sarah Taylor is a contemporary artist-entrepreneur who offers a unique collection of stunning, original wildlife paintings and quirky animal prints. Her unique style of creating art called paintsplashing earned her the title Geometric Stylist and Paintsplash Hero.

Sarah has been exhibiting and selling her work since 2009, with a series of exhibitions in Cumbrian galleries. It wasn’t until 2015, however, that she turned her ‘side hustle’ into a full-time money-making business called  Sarah Taylor Art. She quit her job as a product manager for 5 years and decided to throw everything she had into her art. “I changed my outlook from an artist, to artist-entrepreneur. Artists have as much right as any business person to charge for their expertise and talent”, she says.

While her move to quit her job was bold, Sarah’s decision to become a full time “artpreneur” is truly inspiring and something that’s paid off. Her choice to back herself and take that all-important chance to live life on her terms is something she will never regret. She has persisted every step of the way and now her art has become extremely well known.

For Sarah Taylor, her love and fascination for animals is a huge factor in creating art that people buy. With her distinctive style that evokes a strong sense of character, she brings animals to life in a fun and amazing way. From farm animals such as cows, cats, goats, hares and peacocks to woodland animals including koalas and birds, her paintings are incredibly eye-catching and stunning.

“I have always been fascinated by the relationship between people and animals, the subconscious desire to anthropomorphise, to project our human character and emotions onto the animal kingdom,” says Sarah. With a subject that she loves the most, her paintings stand out on a wall and make people respond to them.

Her unique technique that involves splashing and blowing paint using drinking straws and a hairdryer, came mostly by accident! After tripping over the studio cat, Bojangles, the cup of pink paint she was holding splashed in the middle of a painting she was working on. Instead of shrieking in horror, she liked the look it had created and without any thought, she then proceeded to throw the water from the other cup she was carrying on top of the painting, creating a very pretty streak of vibrant colours. The rest of the afternoon was spent splashing and blowing paint, with her unique art style born.

Those artists – like Sarah – who rise to the top not only create paintings that people respond to when they see them; they also sustain their careers by selling artwork, marketing them in the right way and understanding the power of presentation. In this way, they learn to use their creativity in business as well as their art. She learned the business ropes and grew her art portfolio and built her social profile and web presence. The presentation of her work through her website, Sarah Taylor Art, helps her to successfully sell her paintings worldwide. As they say, the presentation is the first step in the art business; and she has certainly applied this creativity to this very important business asset.

Running your own art business while trying to create inspiring art that keeps you satisfied can seem overwhelming, but for Sarah Taylor who’s built and maintained an art career creating splashy wildlife paintings, her subject and unique style of creating art has helped her become one of the most disruptive and successful “artpreneurs” today. While there is no exact formula to a successful art business, finding your passion, mastering your art form, growing your art portfolio and building your web presence is absolutely key.

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