My Heart Beats for Two

It’s a warm and sunny Tuesday afternoon mid-winter in Brisbane, and I’m about to board my flight back to Adelaide.

For anyone who’s been following my blog, you’d know that Adelaide, my hometown, the place where I grew up, is the place I’m returning to, because this is where we are currently based as we work on our Australian online company, the very exciting and popular, Holiday House Deals.

After an extremely busy and defining seven months, we just had a brilliant holiday (if you can call it that) in Brisbane. It’s actually our second home – the place where we have created many happy family memories.

We can’t seem to stay away it would seem, as we periodically get drawn back to this city that holds a special place in our hearts. It is after all, the very place where we once welcomed our son into the world – that magical time when everything changed. We lived there for the best part of a decade, and there is something to be said for the fact that when we are in Brisbane, we all shine bright – much like the beautiful sunshine that makes QLD the very appealing place it is all year round.

This second home of ours has always been the place that has welcomed us with open arms; not only accepting us – but truly appreciating us – for the people we are. In Brisbane, there is a resoundingly laid back, friendly and uncomplicated culture. This is how the people are and they share their love for living with you because they want you to be part of it. We can’t help but be drawn to this place time and time again. It is here in Brisbane that we’ve managed to meet some of the best friends we’ve ever known and I’ll be honest in saying that when I return here, I feel like I’m home.

In saying this, I have no regrets having made the shift back to Adelaide as we progress our national company and watch its popularity soar. In fact, it has been a very positive and healing experience returning to my hometown after so long away. I have discovered that I still hold a deep rooted connection to Adelaide which I’ll never be able to break. This connection is unrivalled to any place I’ve ever lived.

It’s hard to describe, but when I’m in Adelaide, whether it be for a short stay or a long term residence, I feel it strongly each time. There is a certain level of familiarity and comfort I get from that place that I can’t fully comprehend. My original friends and family are there; and so too are the fond childhood memories we share. Even after being away from this city for close to a decade, and thinking that I would never again return there to reside… surprise! I’m back. Against all odds, it became my chosen ‘place of refuge’ for one of the most defining phases of my life.

When we left Brisbane and returned to Adelaide, we were ripping ourselves out of our comfortable existence of relying on a workplace. As a family, we were now going through a metamorphosis from employee to entrepreneurial mastery; we were now CEOs of our own company that has become an extremely popular holiday accommodation website Australia-wide. We built this ourselves from the ground up, which feels like a huge achievement. I won’t deny that it was daunting. I won’t deny that I didn’t truly know what lay ahead for us and how much work would be involved in making our dream a reality.

All I knew was that I was jumping out of a plane and I decided to take the leap over the top of Adelaide: my childhood safe-haven; the place I knew and loved; the place I was raised.
They say that home is where the heart is – but in my case, one part of my heart will always be in Adelaide, while the other part has established itself in Brisbane. Is it possible to be in love with two? Yes, indeed it is. And I can’t alienate one or the other from my life.

Alana Huxtable is founder of Australia’s most exciting holiday accommodation and travel platform, Holiday House Deals. Her wholly Australian owned company is shaking up the holiday accommodation industry by helping holiday-makers and holiday rental owners alike. Holiday House Deals runs regular giveaways, competitions, travel stories, accommodation deals and travel-related experiences all over Australia. Alana is also an author and blogger on entrepreneurship and is the founder of this website. You can read her book HERE.