Changing It Up – Trading BrisVegas for Radelaide

You’ve probably heard the age-old saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” For many, this is sound advice to follow and most stick to this way of thinking throughout the course of their lives. I used to be one of them! Let me be honest with you though; the major drawback of this way of thinking, is it doesn’t give you the opportunity to be open to new life experiences that can bring you freedom and adventure. Rather, it serves to protect you from the fears of the unknown and paves the way for stability and perceived ‘safety’; but it means that you remain firmly stuck in your comfort zone.

These days it’s different for me. For one reason or another, I’ve made big changes at different stages in my life, which ripped me out of my comfort zone! Such experiences made me aware of what else is out there and the freedom and adventure available to us all. Nowadays, I make bold decisions that many find hard to digest; but I know there’s always a huge benefit. There is no better example than my latest decision.

After an amazing 7 year stint in Brisbane, which included the birth of my son, the launch of my book and blog, Entrepreneurial Journey, the establishment of a holiday travel company called Holiday House Deals and making some of the most amazing friendships, my family and I decided to question the status quo, put ourselves ‘out on a limb’ and change-it-up by initiating a move to Adelaide. This decision came as a surprise, not only to our friends but to ourselves, because the truth is, we love Brisbane and didn’t have any plans to change things. Even now after having made the decision and moving, it still seems surreal that we have initiated this all ourselves; independently and by our own will.

Part of the surreal nature of it is that it wasn’t a “forced move”; it wasn’t for a ‘job’, which is one of the most common reasons why people make a move interstate or overseas. It wasn’t for study reasons (we weren’t moving to pursue a PhD or otherwise). For the first time ever, we made a move from one city to another, for our own personal preference. We thought, “Hey, why not?”. We saw the opportunity to be closer to wider family as a positive thing for us to experience, as we pursue our entrepreneurial path. We also saw it as an exciting change in our daily lives: some new experiences to share as a family in a different city to those we have lived previously. Oh the joys of being independent of working for other people. There is so much freedom!

I won’t deny that we formed an emotional and geographical bond with our adopted city, Brisbane, which was hard to break; we honestly love everything about the place including the weather; the friendly people and culture; the close friends we have made; the never ending list of things to do all year round; the easy commute to tourism hot spots including the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. When it comes to ‘BrisVegas’, as Brisbane is affectionately known, what’s not to like?

Despite this, we aren’t worried about having left a city that we have come to love so much because we are doing something quite different to most: we are on an entrepreneurial journey that isn’t dependent on a specific location. We can work wherever we want, from our laptops, at any time. On an entrepreneurial journey, an interstate move isn’t a big deal, because unlike a job, you are independent of your location. As an entrepreneur, you can just as easily pick up and move back to the city from which you came, or another city for that matter. Moving from one city to another is like moving suburbs. It’s not a big deal.

We know that we will return to our adopted city, Brisbane, which in many ways feels like home. However, right now, we are enjoying all the amazing benefits of being back in our hometown; referred to by locals as ‘RADelaide’, where we can embrace new experiences and pursue our entrepreneurial journey. We are also seizing the opportunity to travel throughout different areas of Australia as part of our work.

The great thing about being an entrepreneur is that you have the enviable freedom to go wherever you want; whenever you want. I love not being locked in to one city in the name of a job. We can move to any place we choose; hey, we just did! So the old saying, “If it aint broke, don’t fix it” is a fallacy. If you do make a change, even if you love things just as they are, it means that you are proactively pushing your life along a journey of new adventures, discoveries and experiences. You are making your life and choosing your destiny, while allowing yourself to grow in the process.

Alana Huxtable is founder of Australia’s most exciting holiday accommodation and travel platform, Holiday House Deals. Her wholly Australian owned company is shaking up the holiday accommodation industry by helping holiday-makers and holiday rental owners alike. Holiday House Deals runs regular giveaways, competitions, travel stories, accommodation deals and travel-related experiences all over Australia. Alana is also an author and blogger on entrepreneurship and is the founder of this website. You can read her book HERE.