• 8 Things People ‘Don’t Get’ About Entrepreneurs


    Entrepreneurship is a whole different ball game. It is nothing like ‘the normal way of doing things’ in life. In our society, everything is structured to ensure that you are in a job, paying a mortgage on a house, paying off that big family car and having enough money to spend each week on your […]

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  • Australia’s 6 Most Disruptive Entrepreneurs

    disruptive image

    There are entrepreneurs – and then there are disruptive entrepreneurs. There is a BIG difference. The word ‘disruptive’ gets bandied around a lot – but in entrepreneurship, it’s an individual or company that arrives on the scene and drastically changes an entire industry; they turn the status quo on its head, shake things up and […]

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  • 10 Inspiring Oprah Quotes

    Oprah Winfrey is the definition of the American Dream and success. Coming from the deep south and dealing with all kinds of difficulties, Oprah followed her passion for TV and media but was met with obstacles and rejection – like being told she didn’t have ‘the look’ and wouldn’t be able to ‘connect with viewers’. […]

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  • Choosing the Best Environment For Success


    Modern day entrepreneurship requires you to be the best in your space. The reason for this is that now more than ever before, society demands the best of everything: the best technology, the best teachers, the best products, the best service, and the best ideas and information. Entrepreneurs must be quick thinking, decisive and fast […]

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  • The End of an Era

    In between tasks the other day, an email landed in my inbox and jumped out at me from the page… It was titled ‘Allan’s Retirement’. Allan is my uncle (my maternal aunt’s husband and my father’s best friend), and this email was announcing his retirement after an incredible career spanning 68 years. Lots of people […]

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  • Real Life Joy: How this Movie Inspires You

    An entrepreneurial journey is not easy, especially when you’re building something big. It can be tough to keep moving forward with confidence and positivity in the face of obstacles, set backs, mistakes, challenges, and adversaries that challenge your resolve. However, those who can, achieve amazing things. One of these people is Joy Mangano, a broke […]

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  • My Heart Beats for Two

    It’s a warm and sunny Tuesday afternoon mid-winter in Brisbane, and I’m about to board my flight back to Adelaide. For anyone who’s been following my blog, you’d know that Adelaide, my hometown, the place where I grew up, is the place I’m returning to, because this is where we are currently based as we […]

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  • 6 Emotions You Feel Returning to Your Hometown

    For those of you who have been keeping up to date with my blog, you will know that after nearly a decade away living in two different capital cities, I have returned to my hometown, where I have now been residing for around 8 months. The music video above, by the Hilltop Hoods, was actually […]

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  • How to Be Fearless

    Overcoming Fear Photo2

    Fear is an emotion that is as normal as breathing. It is a biological instinct that is there to help protect us from “dangerous” situations. In our modern, civilized world, however, the instinct of fear kicks in for irrational reasons. Afterall, we aren’t out in the wild being chased down by a tiger. We get […]

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  • Conquering the Haters

    power hand image

    My 2017 New Year’s message that I published on my Entrepreneurial Journey Facebook page, included a heartfelt “thank you” to all the haters I encountered throughout my life. For those of you who saw it, you would no doubt be familiar with “haters”. The analogy I use is that haters can see you walk on […]

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