The motivational books I have personally read and recommend.

It Starts With Passion

Keith Abraham

A great book about passion for your work and goal setting.

Web Millionaire Secrets

Jennie Armato

A motivating and inspiring look at how making money online can bring you freedom.

Like a Virgin

Richard Branson

A book about the mindset required for massive success.

The Happiest Refugee


An entertaining, humorous and inspiring look at how one Vietnamese boy overcame adversity to achieve a great life.

Awesome Authenticity


A book that shows the benefits of being yourself and building relationships in business.

Tell to Win


An interesting book about how storytelling can powerfully influence business success.

The $100 Startup


A useful book about how to start a business on a small budget, with interesting stories about entrepreneurs who became successful.

Driven From Within


An inspiring and insightful book about Michael Jordan’s story from high school kid to basketball superstar and the incredible mindset that made him successful.

Retire Young, Retire Rich


A motivating and inspiring book about how to think about money and become wealthy.

Stop Not Till The Goal Is Reached


A highly motivating book about property entrepreneur Maha Sinnanthanby and how he overcame debilitating financial failures to become a self-made millionaire.

My Story – Rafael Nadal with John Carlin


A uniquely insightful look at the story of Rafa Nadal, and the mindset and inner fortitude that has made him the champion he is today.

The Lion That Swallowed the Sun


A useful and practical book about your mental and physical wellbeing.

Awaken the Giant Within


A motivating book about changing your beliefs, developing a positive mindset and building resilience to live a positive and successful life.

Found It – A Field Guide for Mom Entrepreneurs


A quirky book providing useful tips about how to balance motherhood with entrepreneurism.