Hi there, I’m Alana and I’m the founder and creator of Entrepreneurial Journey.com.

This blog is for those who are seeking freedom, happiness and empowerment without ever relying on a workplace again!

I am author of the book Entrepreneurial Journey which is a must-read if you are serious about creating a happy, free and independent life that many only dream of.

After earning my university degree in 2000, I pursued a career in the field of media and communications, working for government and corporate organisations. After close to a decade in my field, I made the decision to no longer depend on a workplace, and dove head first into the world of entrepreneurship.

During my time as an entrepreneur, I have founded and directed several online businesses including the recognised Australian company Holiday House Deals that provides great value holiday stays, travel stories and holiday competitions throughout Australia.

Through my book and blog EntrepreneurialJourney.com, I now teach people how to find their purpose and make money while living a life of freedom and balance. To learn more about me, and how I have achieved this life, get yourself a copy of my book via the Products page of this site.

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