8 Things People ‘Don’t Get’ About Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is a whole different ball game. It is nothing like ‘the normal way of doing things’ in life. In our society, everything is structured to ensure that you are in a job, paying a mortgage on a house, paying off that big family car and having enough money to spend each week on your groceries and weekend entertainment. It is all about setting up a somewhat comfortable, cruisy life within your means of earnings, and living within those parameters day-to-day, week-to-week while collecting a pay check. Whether you are in a higher or lower socio economic area doesn’t change this approach or pattern. It is the same regardless.

Due to this very firmly embedded and entrenched way of living and belonging, entrepreneurs, who do things completely differently by going against the grain and turning their backs on the traditional and expected ways of doing things to take a perceivably ‘more risky’ path, are frequently misunderstood. The majority of people know little about entrepreneurship. Here are the 8 things people just don’t get about entrepreneurs.

1. Entrepreneurs are true masters of self. In entrepreneurship, due to the way our society is structured, it is hard, both physically and emotionally, to go against the grain and turn your back on the traditional and expected ways of doing things to pursue something different and unknown. For many entrepreneurs, there can be doubt, anxiety and despair along the way – nearly every entrepreneur experiences these feelings at some point on their journey. The best of them override these feelings and are true masters of self. They focus on all the great aspects of entrepreneurship including freedom, leadership, creativity and empowerment.

2. Entrepreneurs don’t depend on anyone else: they create their own destiny. For entrepreneurs, in the early days of creating a company, people, society and establishments are not there to help. Your friends or family might think you are crazy, or have doubt in your ability to achieve your goals. Society is no different, and while governments might do some things to assist in the early days, any funding is generally menial and short-lived because the idea of supporting entrepreneurs to build a company is something they haven’t really done in the past. While there are grants that can be attained, there can be unreasonable conditions to even be eligible; and quite often you need to jump through hoops and compete with many to get a chance at being considered, making grant applications a full time job alone. The bottom line is that entrepreneurs can’t rely or depend on anyone or anything else to achieve their own success. They must press on and not be stopped by these obstacles.

3. Entrepreneurs are the most grounding and humble people you will ever meet. They have all faced the vulnerability, and the emotional ups and downs that come with building an empire. The voice in their heads is louder than every other voice they hear. Others may doubt. Others may perceive. Others may criticise. Others may judge and disparage and disapprove. People who do this don’t even know or understand what they’re basing their opinions on because the entrepreneur’s path is something completely foreign to them. Entrepreneurs are passionate and determined and are the ultimate creators. When others can’t see their vision and don’t know of the incredible feats that are being achieved on a daily basis, then their default is to doubt or disbelieve. It is the duty of entrepreneurs to believe in themselves and never be discouraged by the naysayers who don’t understand. Entrepreneurs don’t need to explain themselves – they must simply lead the way and prove that it can be done and inspire others to become innovators too.

4. Entrepreneurs believe that how they play the game is far more important than whether they win. Entrepreneurs would rather fail on their own terms than succeed on someone else’s. They also know that failure is not permanent and that you can learn and adapt from these moments to regain course. Entrepreneurs would rather reach for their own future than have it lie in someone else’s hands.

5. Entrepreneurs don’t make choices–they create choices. They are bold and confident enough to acknowledge that the choices available might not be enough; that perhaps, other options have been overlooked or unidentified. Entrepreneurs redefine the way things are done and create new options.

6. Entrepreneurs are leaders and will make individual sacrifices when necessary. This type of spirit can only exist in a company when it comes from the top. Entrepreneurs focus on the individual rather than the position, the team rather than the pecking order, and most important, gaining happiness and success from the happiness and achievements of others.

7. Entrepreneurs create a life they don’t need a holiday from. Entrepreneurs are prepared to work harder and make sacrifices early on, to create and build a sustainable business that provides an exciting, fulfilling, purposeful and healthy, balanced life that lets you work to live, rather than live to work.

8. Entrepreneurs embrace their imperfections. They realise that they aren’t perfect and in the world of entrepreneurship, mistakes, failings and weaknesses are more transparent than ever before. They learn to cope with this by embracing their humanity. This learned ability to not be people pleasers; to embrace their strengths, weaknesses and imperfections and to master their own life by listening to their own inner voice above all else, is what sets them apart.


The Entrepreneurial Journey admin is a team of degree-qualified writers with special knowledge in entrepreneurship, business motivation and business education.